When summer comes to an end and it begins to get cool outside, it doesn’t mean that it is time to start staying indoors. As long as you and your children dress warm, there are plenty of fun and educational things that you can do outdoors. If you want to teach your child about nature and have fun in the process, there are a few outdoor activities that you should try.

Leaf Prints

Creating leaf prints is a great fall project. Finding the leaves and creating the prints are equally as fun. Start by going outdoors and taking different types of leaves from different types of trees. You should let your children choose the leaves that they love the most. When your children have collected enough leaves, it is time to create the print using air dry clay. When your children press the leaf into the clay, it will create an identical print. Before the clay dries, your children can carve their name into the clay, and they can create a design on the back. The final product will be a keepsake that you can have forever.

Leaf Rubbing

Another fun project for children is leaf rubbing. Before you start the project, head outdoors to collect different types of leaves. The more types of leaves your children collect, the nicer the picture will be. To rub the leaves properly, you will need a thin sheet of paper. Next, put the leaves on the table with the bottom facing up. Give your children a box of crayons and have them color gently on the paper with different colors. This will cause the leaf shape to appear. When your children are done, have them sign and date the back of the page to commemorate the experience.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is a fun way to spend the day outdoors. Create a list of things in nature for your child to find. Some good examples of things to look for include:

  • Red leaves
  • Green leaves
  • Yellow leaves
  • Orange leaves
  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • A pretty rock
  • A small stick
  • A piece of bark
  • Animal tracks

Each time your children find something on their list, they can check it off. When the scavenger hunt is over, you can reward your child.

Nature Hike With Photos

Taking a nature hike can be a lot of fun and it is a good way to bond with your children. You should take a camera on your hike. If your children spot bugs, trees, leaves, or animals, let them take a picture. After the nature hike, print out the photos and help your children create a photo collage to hang on the wall or a decorated photo book that you will have forever.

As the seasons change, nature changes as well. The activities listed above are fun and educational ways to spend some time with your children outdoors this fall.  At Mission Valley Montessori, learning through nature is incorporated into the Montessori curriculum for all of our students.  We encourage children to explore and learn through the world around them.  To see how we incorporate nature into our teaching, contact us today to schedule a tour.