We all remember letting our imaginations run wild with a set of LEGOs. But this common childhood toy can also be used as an invaluable tool to teach your preschooler math!

Preschool is where children go to lay the foundation for their future. That’s why it’s so important to create learning experiences that are engaging, effective, and educational. The building blocks of a solid educational program can then begin shaping your child’s future, academically and beyond.

Learning key concepts such as shapes, colors, matching, counting, addition, subtraction, and problem solving can be greatly enhanced with the use of a simple LEGO set. A fun and creative math aid, LEGOs can help teach young children the basics of mathematics and introduce them to the wonderful world of numbers!

Why LEGOs?

LEGO bricks are the perfect teaching tool because of the wide variety of applications they offer. Although this article focuses specifically on math, LEGOs can be used to increase collaborative, creative, and scientific skills as well.

Even better, since children tend to associate LEGOs with playtime, they won’t even realize they are learning important life skills at the same time! This will help create a love of learning in your child that can continue to be nurtured throughout their life.

Making Math Fun

The first time math is introduced to a child can be an intimidating experience. With LEGOs, however, it instantly engages children in a way that is familiar and stimulating to their senses.

Allow your child to become used to their LEGO set by letting them play and create objects from their imagination. Then, slowly introduce the concept of composing and decomposing numbers to lay the foundation for basic arithmetic skills.

Each LEGO brick has studs on it to aid young students in the counting process. And because the studs are usually found in sets of twos, children will quickly become familiar with an efficient counting arrangement. Once the student is familiar with the LEGO pieces and studs on each one, you can start to introduce simple addition and subtraction exercises.

Allowing your child to explore mathematics early on in their development will get them familiar and comfortable with basic concepts so they aren’t too intimidated by them later on in their schooling.

Endless Possibilities

As you can see, LEGOs aren’t just for playtime anymore. Not only does this simple toy spark a child’s imagination, it can also boost their confidence and capabilities across the academic spectrums.

Too many children are scared away from math at an early age, but slowly introducing these formulas in a fun and bright way they can understand will prepare them for all of the mathematical possibilities that lay ahead.  Using LEGOs is a hands-on activity that is right in line with the Montessori education program at Day Star Montessori.  Our teachers make a special effort to instill a lifelong love of learning with students as soon as they begin preschool.  Contact us today to visit our preschool program and find out if it is the best fit for your child.