Do you realize coloring helps provide your preschooler with long-term skills? The development of these skills will continue to benefit your preschooler throughout academic learning and beyond. One of the best aspects to coloring is the low cost to implement. A box of crayons and paper are a valuable resource for your preschooler’s development.

Teaching a Preschooler through Coloring

Crayons come in wide range of colors. Build the excitement of receiving a box of crayons. Consider allowing your preschooler to pick out the crayon box. As a parent or caregiver, you want your preschooler to engage in coloring. Using the excitement of receiving a new box of crayons full of different colors, your preschooler will enhance the development of physical and cognitive skills.

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

Gripping the coloring utensil, your preschooler will use the small muscles in the fingers, thumb, hands and wrists. Strengthening the muscles develops essential fine motor skills. The physical development provides your preschooler with the dexterity and the crucial skill set for basic tasks, including:

  • Using utensils to feed oneself
  • Buttoning clothes
  • Zipping coats
  • Writing
  • Moving small objects

Improving and mastering fine motor tasks increases your child’s overall physical development and self-confidence.

Handwriting Skills

Aiding your child beyond the preschool years, the manipulation of the small muscles allows your child to hold a pencil correctly. The basic skill set is essential for handwriting development. A child who is self-confident with holding a pencil will eagerly learn handwriting skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Coloring increases hand-eye coordination. The development of hand-eye coordination increases your child’s sensory-motor skills. Learning to control hand movements will aid in the development of reading and writing. Consider enhancing the hand-eye coordination by providing different materials for coloring.

  • Use educational coloring pages
  • Use specific colors for designated areas on the page
  • Draw and color a picture
  • Allow your child to pick out the colors from the box
  • Provide an age appropriate crayon sharpener

The different aspects of coloring help further the development of hand-eye coordination.

Inspires Creativity

Coloring allows your preschooler to create. The visual art creation enhances imagination, self-expression, and cognitive development. Along with inspiring creativity, asking your preschooler about the coloring project will increase vocabulary and social skills.

Learning the Colors

Being able to identify colors is an important learning milestone. By mastering the names of the colors, your preschooler will develop visual recognition skills. As your preschooler grows and learns, the enhancement of the visual skills will aid in the identification words.

Quiet Time

The coloring activity is a great way to engage in critical thinking skills. Engaging in coloring is a quiet activity. As your preschooler engages in the coloring activity by picking out colors and creating, critical thinking skills develop.

Learning and mastering new tasks will help build your preschooler’s self-confidence for the next stage of development. Supplying your preschooler with basic coloring tools sets a foundation for continued learning. As your preschooler creates different coloring pages, remember the development of the skills is a learning process.  At our private preschool in Fremont, CA, Mission Valley Montessori School embraces children’s creativity and uses art daily in teaching the Montessori Method.  Contact us today to schedule a tour.