In the Montessori school environment, it is believed your child deserves individualized learning. Every child is unique, and your child’s interests and needs are respected and honored at Montessori, so they are able to receive the best education. Through this respect, your child will be encouraged to explore and learn about the world around them. You can follow the Montessori approach by teaching your child through nature and allow them to explore their world at home.

Teaching Your Child Through Nature

Children learn differently than adults, and during their first six years, they will learn effortlessly from their environment. They are able to soak up impressions like a sponge during this age period. Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori Method, believed when children are young, they have inner aids that help with their development. This age is when the mind is absorbent and called a ‘sensitive period’ in their growth. During this time in your child’s life, you can teach them great lessons through nature found near your home.

Allow Freedom

Your child will need to be allowed freedom to explore outdoors and indoors. You need to display a positive manner, and while ensuring they are safe, let them find what interests them. Through your guidance and your child’s independence and self-direction, you will help them learn about their environment. These will be both valuable and important lessons that will stay with your child throughout their life.

Practical Life Activities

When children are in their preschool years it is important you emphasize practical life skills and implement sensory activities. This means you will show them how to take care of their environment outside as well as inside the home. You can help your child develop concentration, independence, and coordination through activities that will refine their senses. This learning process will indirectly help your child to prepare for later academic learning. Maria Montessori believed in creating a connection between children and nature through the care of plants and animals. By allowing your child to have hands-on experiences with nature, you will create an opportunity to expand their knowledge and respect for objects and living creatures in their personal environment.

Allow Personal Development

It is important to allow your child to develop at his or her own pace. Let them continue to examine and interact with objects as long as their interest is genuine. There should be no competitions, rewards, or punishments attached to their learning process. When you and your child are beginning an activity, demonstrate first how it should be completed – don’t automatically assume they will know appropriate behavior. Understanding your child needs to develop a sense of satisfaction of the work they perform when it is done well will help you create a learning environment to advance your child’s learning potentials.

Following the Montessori principles will help your child naturally develop positive skills and traits to build a strong foundation in life. Your child will develop independence, self-discipline, and they will display a love of learning.  At Montessori School of Newark, students are introduced to nature early in the learning process. Following the Montessori method, teachers encourage students to explore on their own and at their own pace.  Contact us today to see how Montessori education can be a fit for your family.