Valentine’s Day is a great reason to get your preschoolers working on some fun craft projects. Not only can they get their creative genius out, but they can create fun gifts for friends and family. Here are some fun ideas for your 3 to 5 year olds to try out this Valentine’s Day.

Fun Valentine Craft Ideas for Your 3 to 5 Year Olds

  • Valentine Wreath – This Valentine wreath is a great hands-on craft activity. It may take a little preparation on your end depending on your child’s scissor skills. You will need a blank cardboard wreath or circle and construction paper cut into heart shapes. Glue the construction paper onto the cardboard and attach some ribbon at the top.
  • Valentine’s Butterflies and Bugs – Kids love bugs and butterflies so why not turn them into cute Valentine’s decorations. You will need felt and sequins for this cute craft. Cut out hearts and small circles with the felt. Use glue to attach the pieces to make a butterfly or a caterpillar using the hearts for the body and circles for the heads. Use the sequins for eyes and decoration.
  • Keepsake Card – If you are looking to make cards for your family, a cute keepsake card is the way to go and your child will love getting their feet messy. For this project, you will need cardboard, markers, and pink or red paint. Cut out a large heart with the cardboard (large enough for your child’s feet and words). Have your child step into the paint and then onto the card. You can now write a cute poem, verse, or note around the painted footprints.
  • Pom Pom Painting – Some cardboard or rigid paper, small pom poms, a wooden clothes peg, and paint is all you need for this cute project. Cut out a heart shape or a butterfly. Then have your preschooler dip the pom pom into the paint, pressing down onto the card.
  • Bee Mine Valentine Bee – For something different, let your kids create a bumblebee for friends and family. You will need construction paper in bright yellow, black, and pink. The bright yellow paper will be the body and the head; you will need an oval and a heart shape. Cut out black stripes with the black construction paper and a pink heart from the pink paper. Have your child assemble the bee using glue. Then add the heart to the body at the end. On the heart, write Bee Mine! This is simple and cute, and kids will use those important fine motor skills to assemble the bee.

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