Winter can be plagued with all kinds of illnesses, especially if this is your child’s first year at preschool or in a playgroup. It can often take a while for preschoolers immunity levels to build up and start protecting them from all the germs.

Keeping Your Child Healthy During Winter

If you are worried about your child getting sick this winter, there are a few things you can do to help.

  • Teach Hand Washing – Be sure to make hand washing an important part of your child’s routine. Teach them to wash their hands often and with soap and water. Washing hands can greatly reduce the amount of germs spread around the classroom or at home.
  • Keep Hands Away from the Germs – This one can be hard but it is good to teach your kids not to touch their noses or mouths constantly. Germs can be picked up easily on the hands then once your child touches their nose or mouth they can spread quickly. Washing hands can also help with this.
  • Make Sure Your Child is Sleeping Well – A well-rested body is a healthier body. When your child is not getting the sleep they need this can cause trouble with their immune systems, making it easier for them to succumb to illness.
  • Keep Your Child Hydrated – Make sure your child drinks plenty of water and fluids. You might also want to place a humidifier in their bedroom over the winter months to keep the air moist, this can help when they do have a cough or mucous as well as when they are healthy.
  • Be Aware of Your Child’s School Sick Policy – Be sure that the school you are sending your toddler to has a good sick policy. Do they have a policy about when kids can and can’t come to school when they are sick and if a child is very sick in class, how do they keep them from the healthy children.
  • Try Boosting the Good Bacteria – It is important to help boost the good bacteria in your child’s body. If your child loves yogurt, have them eat it on a regular basis. If they don’t care for yogurt or they are allergic, ask your doctor about supplements.

By teaching your child how to keep germs at bay and providing their bodies with the right things they need to stay healthy, you can reduce the risk of your child being sick all winter long.

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