Starting kindergarten is the first major step in your child’s academic development. Children may have mixed emotions about entering into a new environment away from home. As parents, preparing your child for the first day of kindergarten can help in reducing stress and separation anxiety.

First Day of Kindergarten

Some children are extremely ready to enter kindergarten. The eagerness to start a new adventure may actually create tears in the eyes of their parents. Other children need extra help to prepare for the first day.


Discussing the first day of kindergarten will help in familiarizing your child with the idea of going to school. When running errands, drive by the school to show your child the building, playground, and other areas. As you pass, ask your child open-ended questions about attending school. Remember to always be positive.

Meet the Teacher

Most schools host open houses or tours prior to the first day of school. As a parent, attending the open house should be a priority. Allow plenty of time for your child to engage in the new environment

  • Introducing your child to the teacher, seeing a familiar face on the first day of kindergarten aids in reducing anxiety.
  • Teachers generally have the classroom set up with enticing activities. Allow your child time to participate.
  • Explore the classroom. Discuss the books, toys, art supplies.
  • Walk around the school.
  • Point out the bathrooms to the child.

By allowing your child time, you are reducing the chances of separation anxiety and other childhood fears of being away from home.

Know the Routine

Ask the teacher about the routine on the first day of kindergarten. The day may include a special snack or project. By being familiar with the routine, parents can encourage their child to participate or look forward to the special activity. The smallest detail can help excite your child about the first day of kindergarten.

Ask About Procedures

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Teachers understand parents worry about their child’s first day of school. Start the communication process early by addressing any concerns with the teacher. Knowing how to handle a tearful goodbye from your child will help during the drop off process.

Social Interaction

The widespread use of social media allows teachers and schools to make various type of school related pages. Connect with other parents. If you find another parent who has a child entering into the same classroom, ask for an introduction. Children who see a familiar face or a buddy may have an easier time.

Focusing on preparing your child for the first day of kindergarten can aid in a smooth transition process. Montessori schools engage in a multi-age classroom. Older children tend to help the younger ones adjust to the classroom environment. Our quality Milpitas Montessori School welcomes parents and future kindergartners in for a tour. During the tour, our friendly helpful staff can address questions and concerns about your child’s first day of kindergarten.