What to Ask and Look for When Choosing a Preschool

As a well-informed parent, you understand the benefits of sending your child to a quality preschool. The prospect of going to preschool excites your child. Now, you must take the time to find the right preschool for both you and your child may be overwhelming.

The first step in the process requires research of preschools in your local area. Searching for a quality preschool must occur before your child is ready to go. Searching months ahead of time can help alleviate any stress in finding the preschool of your choice. If you wait, the preschool program may be full.

After you narrowed down your list of potential preschools, start writing down interview questions. As parents, you will want to find out as much information about the preschool as possible. Interview questions for the director are the best way to start.

15 Preschool Interview Questions

Preschool intake interviews can last as little as 15 minutes to over an hour. Spending extra time with the director will allow you to gain valuable insight into the program. Quality preschools base curriculum and teaching methods on well-established guidelines for learning.

  1. What are the preschool’s educational principles or philosophy?
  2. Do you provide opportunities to enhance cognitive, physical, social and emotional development? Ask for examples.
  3. Is the preschool accredited? Or licensed?
  4. How long has the preschool been in operation?
  5. What experience and educational background does the preschool teacher currently have?
  6. What is the adult to child ratio in the preschool room?
  7. How many children are in the preschool room?
  8. Am I able to observe the preschool room?
  9. Do you allow unscheduled visits after my child is enrolled?
  10. Does your child need to be fully potty-trained?
  11. How do you handle discipline issues?
  12. Is there a schedule nap time? Or rest time? Or individual quiet time?
  13. What are your fees?
  14. How long is the waiting list? Is there a full or part time slot available for my child?
  15. What are your hours of operation? Holiday schedule?

Each question should be answered in full to your satisfaction. As parents, you want to know everything about the curriculum and teachers prior to placing your child in the preschool. Do not hesitate to ask more questions pertaining directly to your child’s interests. The purpose of the preschool interview is to find the right fit for your child’s development.

Only parents can determine which preschool is right for their child. Touring our Bay Area Montessori School may be the best way to determine if our preschool program is the right fit for your child and family.