The library is a fun place for younger kids…

…and the perfect place to let them grow a great love for books. There is never an age that is too young for kids to develop a love for books. Exposure to books and reading from an early age will help children grow into successful adults.

Kids of all ages, and particularly toddlers and preschoolers, will have a lot of fun learning options at the Alameda County Library. The library staff provide a range of fun activities to help children and their parents explore the world of books together.


Babies can develop and early appreciation for stories when their parents read to them. Books are not only a good way to lay the foundations for better reading skills, but familiar picture books help children identify objects.

  • Playtime activities that involve babies as young as one year and their parents help set the stage for a life of learning
  • Storytime in a group setting helps babies learn to love stories and socialize with other children
  • Singalong concerts for children as young as one year help foster a love for music

Ages 2 through 4

Kids between 2 and 4 have a lot of great opportunities to develop a love for reading and learning. One of the best things about this age is that many kids will start learning to read if exposed to books a lot.

  • Preschool art classes help kids learn to create art in a fun setting
  • Drop-in storytime incorporates fun stories with songs and games
  • Preschool playtime offers a fun story, along with dancing and a craft parents can help out with
  • Concerts featuring fun songs that kids can join in with will continue or start an appreciation for music

Ages 5 through 8

Kindergarten and younger elementary school-age kids benefit from fun activities with a hands-on emphasis. These activities will increase their love for reading and other subjects.

  • Nature programs that include seeing reptiles up close and opportunities to read to dogs make the library a fun place
  • Reading times in Russian and other languages can help give kids an aptitude for new languages
  • Summer reading classes that also introduce kids to writing help strengthen language skills overall

Ages 9 to 12

Even though most kids this age read a lot, fun activities related to books are a good way to ensure they retain a love for reading.

  • Creative art activities are a fun social event for tweens
  • Interactive programs on subjects such as mythology make learning more exciting
  • Monthly book clubs provide great discussion on favorite books

The foundation of Dr. Montessori’s teaching method is based on the belief that the child is born into this world full of potential. The unique method she developed was designed to harness this natural potential and allow the child to take responsibility of his/her education. At the Montessori Children’s House in Fremont, our story time for children help develop a child’s listening skills. For more information on the Montessori Method and how it may be right for your child, contact us today.