A Montessori education will help your child reach his or her potential and provide them with a life-long love of learning.

Their unique learning materials in an environment created attractively and orderly; will provide your child a special view of their world. In this environment your child will be guided and encouraged to develop independence and creativity at their own pace as the Montessori Method of teaching observes your child and individualizes the lessons according to needs.

Teaching Self-Care

One of the most important areas of a Montessori education for your child will be the lessons in Practical Life. These will teach your child how important it is to think and act independently and with this are the lessons in self-care.

Self-care is an area you will be able to reinforce at home as your child learns how to:

  • Wipe their nose,
  • Brush their teeth properly,
  • How to dress by using zippers, buttons, snaps and other closures,
  • Putting clothing away by placing on hooks or hangers,
  • Personal hygiene process such as combing hair, washing, and other daily maintenance; and,
  • Many other basic daily living tasks

When these activities are presented with enthusiasm and are broken down into simple steps, your child will feel encouraged as they begin to practice them independently. An important thing to remember when your child is learning self-care is that they are growing and working at becoming the adult they will one day be. You as an adult, work to get a task done quickly and move onto the next one. A child will want to master a task and will work repeatedly to perfect the job and then move on to another.

Allow the child to practice self-care

Your child will be given time to practice self-care skills which is a great way for them to feel capable of mastering them. It will also help your child increase their self-esteem and give them the desire to learn and grow more. Self-care will provide the opportunity for your child to feel in charge of their own body.  The Montessori Method allows your child to explore these skills and to possibly fail so that they can learn by mistakes and try again. It is amazing what children can learn when given the freedom to do things by themselves.

Self-care through independent play

In the Montessori classroom independent play is supervised, but without interference as this is an important self-care skill. Your child can make amazing discoveries through independent play as they are allowed to choose play activities and repeat them as often as they like.

The foundation of Dr. Montessori’s teaching method is based on the belief that the child is born into this world full of potential. The unique method she developed was designed to harness this natural potential and allow the child to take responsibility of his/her education.  Part of that foundation, is our communication with Montessori Parents. To learn more about our Montessori Pleasanton program, contact us to schedule a tour.