Even young children are attracted to and intrigued by numbers and love learning. That should be encouraged at all times in their lives because math is used in every phase and at every age. It is one of the most significant concepts that the human mind encounters.

Everyday Math

Math is around even in very young lives as they are asked how old they are, how many sisters and brothers they have, how many fingers are being held up by the teacher or parent, and numerous other examples.

For example, children are not really interested in blocks for long once they have mastered the manual dexterity required to build them up. They are eager to go on to a new difficulty, and that is an excellent time to incorporate numbers and the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

A great school, such as a Montessori one, goes to impressive lengths to incorporate math early and often in preschool years so that it becomes a normal and easy part of a child’s learning and is preparation for the years ahead.

Early Math Learning

Learning one’s numbers through 10 is the starting point for the use of math, and from then on different exercises and hands-on lessons naturally lead to more and more use of numbers in everyday life. Learning should not be focused on tote drill and memorization but through hands-on experiences.

A child’s natural enthusiasm is applied, and familiarity and steady repetition of all phases of math is begun. The learning of numbers and symbols can be made fun to learn as math is absorbed into the subconscious mind and will be of tremendous value through all the years and phases of life to come.

The ability to count, to use numbers, to compute in today‘s society, and to eventually make use of math in one’s career is one of the most significant and important of human achievements. Math is needed for almost every single profession that exists in this world.

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