Weather is all around us and affects all of us, including preschoolers, every day from the amount and type of clothes that we wear to the kinds of activities that can be done outside. Watching rain, clouds, frost, ice, sun, and changing weather gives young children the opportunity to make connections between the weather they experience and how it affects the world around them. Visiting the same spots multiple times over the course of the year will show them how things change from season to season.

It is understandable that lessons regarding the weather are more logical taught outside in different locations. However, in inclement weather, there are activities and studies that can be done indoors in the preschool classroom to further the knowledge of the vast differences between hot summers and cold winters and all that they and all types of weather elements contain.

There are many craft projects that the students can enjoy doing that are weather related. Show them how to create clouds in a jar, or choose from many other Montessori suggestions that will further their interest in the many facets of weather.

Drawing and writing about their experiences, especially after they have been out in the elements, are other ways to give them much to think and talk about as well as demonstrate what they have learned.

Studying the weather, explaining the meaning of what it entails, showing illustrations and coloring pages if done inside, and answering the many questions that the students will have is a fascinating way for them to learn about Mother Nature and satisfy their inborn curiosity and imaginations by experimentation. and discovery.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to visit a Montessori school in the Bay Area to learn more about how a preschool classroom encourages learning about the weather and many other important subjects.