When you teach your child organizational skills at an early age, she will have a better chance at being successful during school. When your child is getting ready to enter kindergarten, there are several ways that you can start teaching her how to be organized and the importance of organization.

Use Check Lists

Making to-do lists are a great way to stay organized and to make sure that things get done. You should have your child make her own to-do lists. She can make a checklist for her bedtime routine, and check off each item as it is completed. You can do the same with her morning routine. When she starts making lists early, it will stick with her forever.

Get Ready the Night Before

Having your child get ready for school the night before is a great way to make sure that she is on time for school all the way through college. Have your child take her clothes out before bed each night. You should also have her pack her schoolbag before bed.

Assign Chores that Involve Categorizing and Sorting

If you have your child do chores that would require planning, making lists, and sorting will help her get used to doing these jobs in the future. Cleaning out a closet, organizing her sock drawer, or sorting photos to create a photo album are excellent examples of chores that will teach organization.

Organize Schoolwork

You should give your child kindergarten folders for different types of schoolwork. She should have one for completed homework, one for handouts, and one for papers to bring home to show you. It is a good idea to check and make sure that your child’s work is always organized. This type of organization will help your child when she is taking several different classes with different teachers.

Create a Schoolwork Supply Box

You want to give your child a box for all of their school supplies. When she keeps everything neatly together, she will always have everything that she needs on hand. This habit will stick with her throughout school, college, and even in her career. You should also insist that her supply box is always organized.

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