The value of coloring is priceless because it affects a person throughout his or her life. When children begin to learn how to color, it opens up a whole new world of creative expression and precise thinking (as they color between the given lines) that will grow along with them as they advance those skills and open up areas of development in their personal lives, in their family ties and friendships, and even in their careers.

We don’t really think about all the ways that coloring affects us, and we may have long forgotten the joy felt as a young child who discovers what all a crayon can do. Coloring is among the favorite pastime activities of children and can continue on throughout life, especially with the recent introduction of adult coloring books with their main accomplishment being to relieve stress in today’s hectic world.

Color Recognition

Children receive their first exposure to the color wheel with the use of crayons. They learn to tell the difference between colors and can explore different combinations as they learn to mix colors.

Stimulating Creativity and Sparking Imagination

Children can start off by coloring shapes and figures any way they want to, which gives them  an opportunity to express their creative side. The value of coloring is that they have to use their imagination and choose the different crayon colors and get a picture in their minds before they even begin.

Staying Within the Lines

Kids love to color drawing sheets showing their favorite cartoons and animals. That aids in learning the importance of staying within boundaries, becoming familiar with shapes and forms, all of which will be a great help when handwriting presents pre-printed lines on paper. Also, learning  to properly hold a crayon will  lead to the needed dexterity and the eye and hand coordination to later manipulate other writing tools.

Learning Patience and Focus

Coloring can help your children to learn patience and being comfortable and relaxed as they create their pieces of art. It has been proven that a child who spends time coloring has better concentration and focus skills.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Children feel a strong sense of accomplishment, pride, and self worth when coloring a page is completed and they receive praise for their efforts.

Improves Motor Skills

The act of coloring can improve motor skills in your child such as the development and strength of the tiny muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists to manipulate small objects and later lift things, successfully type, and do other tasks and activities that require arm muscles and hands to work together.

See for Yourself

You are welcome to contact your closest Montessori school to schedule a tour so that you can see for yourself the various classrooms and how beneficial and exciting coloring is for the students. The value of coloring and learning how to do so properly very early gives a desireable start to an important aspect in development as a child moves through life.