From the time they are born, most children take a nap. Many parents relent when their toddlers and preschoolers start refusing naps. However, there are several benefits of keeping your preschool-age child on a regular nap schedule.

Napping Promotes Growth

Children often go through growth spurts. When they do, they require extra food during meals. They also require extra sleep. Studies have shown, that children grow when they are sleeping. When you take your child’s nap away, it can affect them physically.

Behavior Problems

When a child does not get the rest that they need, they can become very fussy. If your child is deprived a nap, at a time of the day that they are supposed to be playing, they will be fussy, needy, ad clingy. If you want your child to be the happy little angel that they always are, you should not cut naptime from their schedule.

They Become Overtired

Many parents believe that if they stop putting their child down for a nap, that they will fall asleep better. This is not the case. When a child does not get their regular nap, they will get stressed, irritable, wired, and bedtime will be even more difficult. Your child needs to nap.

More Mental Focus

For the first time in their lives, preschoolers need to start using their brains and be part of an organized classroom. If they don’t get their regular nap, it can have a negative effect on their focus. When they are in class, they won’t get the maximum benefit from the class, because they won’t be able to focus and sit still. They will be fresher, more alert, and well behaved if they are allowed to take a nap at their scheduled time.

A Break for the Caregiver

While napping can greatly benefit your child, it can also be helpful to you. Chasing your child around all day can be very exhausting, both mentally and physically. When you put your child down for a nap for an hour or two, it gives you a time to recharge, so that you are fresh and ready to go when your child wakes up.

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