Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to treat preschoolers to festive learning activities. Instead of decorating and eating candy in between academic lessons, they can enjoy traditional activities while learning new facts and mastering basic skills. As the holiday approaches, celebrate with some simple preschool Valentine activities.

Number the Hearts

Preschoolers and preschool-age children are mature enough to explore their creative sides, identify colors and numbers, and understand concepts such as counting and copying letters. Help them hone these skills with a Valentine’s Day activity that revolves around numbers.

Start by cutting pieces of construction paper into at least 45 small hearts, then cut nine whole pieces of white paper into the numerals one through nine.. Each child will count out their hearts and glue the correct number to each corresponding numeral. For example, the number “6” should have six hearts on it.

Create New Colors

Pinks and reds dominate Valentine’s Day traditions, so there’s no better time to teach kids about the way these different shades are made. Preschoolers may not be ready to identify complementary colors on the color wheel just yet, but they’re definitely good at getting messy with primary colors.

Demonstrate the concept of color blending with red, white, and blue finger-paint. Paint a red heart onto a piece of construction paper, then combine red and white to make the next heart pink. Now let the kids create their own shades of purple, pink, blue, and red with paintbrushes or their own hands.

Catch the Sunlight

If you want to encourage creativity with this year’s preschool Valentine activities, let the kids create heart-shaped sun catchers. These colorful paper hearts will brighten up your home or classroom all year long, especially if you have large windows that get a lot of California sunshine.

Collect tissue paper in an assortment of colors, and cut it into strips of different sizes and shapes. Then cut a big heart out of contact paper and peel off the adhesive backing, so kids can cover it in different tissue paper pieces. Show them how overlapping pieces let in less sunlight, and how each heart changes the color of the sunbeams that pierce them.

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