The Montessori preschool activities include the wonderful world of discovery bottles. These amazing bottle series are a way to introduce your child to the interesting world we live in. They help your child see visually how the world connects to actual objects and provide them hands on approach to see how materials interact with one another.

Preschool activities should be based on introducing your child to their environment. With the discovery bottles we accomplish this in a way that promotes creative thinking and the creative process. The name says it all; discovery bottles invite your child to discover the world around them. They are like an aquarium filled with treasures waiting to be found and explored; or a window designed to capture your child’s interest. This interest leads your child to having conversations, allows them to examine differences and explore new movements.

With discovery bottles not only does your child have the opportunity to examine new environments created inside them; they are also encouraged to create their own. They will use items from nature or perhaps items to promote fine motor skill to assemble. These bottles provide wonderful ways for your child to play explore and learn. The possibilities are endless as to what your child can create or what can be created for them to teach them about the world they live in.

There has been a series of discovery bottles created in relation to some of your child’s favorite storybooks. Using an idea, character or object talked about in the story a discovery bottle is created to bring the book alive for your child. An example is the story about, Elmer the elephant and his patchwork coat. By placing small colorful blocks and a small elephant to a bottle filled with water you have hands on object to remind your child about Elmer and his fascinating coat.

The literacy discovery bottles encourage children to talk about the stories they’ve heard and even encourages them to retell the stories to others. There are endless other children’s favorite that can be created on this concept. This has proven to be one of the children’s favorite preschool activities.

Contact a Montessori school in your area today and start them with an education designed around their interests and one that allows them to explore their world.