Recent years show a growing number of schools are implementing programs designed to increase levels of motivation for learners. Students need stimulus to give them direction, encourage their persistence, and increase their motivation to learn.

Our Fremont preschool understands and recognizes the importance for your child’s inner motivation to be nurtured. There are two distinct categories to focus on when reaching out to your child and get him or her interested in succeeding with their education.


This is the attempt to satisfy your child’s desires and expectations without influencing them to do so by another person’s expectation or for an incentive. This is self-motivation where your child will be encouraged to succeed for herself, not for someone else.


This is the motivation to act or do something in a certain way due to external factors. Your child will receive an incentive or reward for completing acts. Usually a parent or teacher will set this goal to meet their required expectations.

Our school recognizes the intrinsic approach to motivating your child is much more powerful and will increase your child’s self-motivation. Your child has been born with the capacity to learn and that learning is a natural and enjoyable activity. The young contain the ability to look at learning as something they love and, with that, they have a natural curiosity to learn more.

Intrinsic motivation increases your child’s willingness to explore and work at gaining knowledge. When teachers and parents nurture their child’s natural curiosity, they encourage the child to explore learning and provide a message that education is worthwhile and satisfying.

Research shows children who are intrinsically motivated are better and more successful learners than those who are subject to extrinsic methods. Intrinsic motivation will nurture your child’s willingness to apply more effort and enable him or her to process information more deeply. With the self-motivation your child will acquire, they will become a goal-oriented learner enabling them to accomplish clear objectives like passing tests and exams. Your child will also become an activity-oriented learner who will use socializing as a way of developing relationships.

The nurturing of your child’s inner motivation will be one of the top goals in providing her with a full education.

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