Are you trying to find the right preschool to form a solid foundation for the rest of your child’s education?  Because young children do so much of their learning through the use of the five senses — touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound — a preschool curriculum that includes sensory exercises is important. These exercises allow preschoolers an opportunity to learn creativity and refine their understandings of what their senses are telling them. Here are a few sensorial exercises that stimulate preschoolers’ minds.

  • Cloud dough: Most kids are already familiar with the texture of playdough, so the fluffy consistency of cloud dough can provide a very different tactile experience. Cloud dough is eight parts flour and one part oil, mixed together with your hands for about five minutes.
  • Digging for fossils: This exercise is already being replicated in many museums. “Dinosaur fossils” are buried in a big tub of sand and children are encouraged to carefully brush away the sand so that they don’t damage the fossils.
  • Taste test: You may already be familiar with taste test exercises, where the taster closes their eyes or wears a blindfold and tries to recognize a food by its taste. This exercise helps children learn to differentiate between tastes.
  • Do you hear what I hear: Children can be taught to recognize subtle differences in sound, such as the call of a bird or the rich vibrations of a strings instrument. To make a game out of this exercise, play it like “I Spy,” encouraging children to listen for specific sounds in a recording.
  • Sensory tubs: Many preschool programs have “sensory tubs” out for the children. The contents of these tubs change regularly, and could be anything from dry pasta or sand, to bubbles or shaving cream.

Knowing what to look for in quality early childhood education will help you to find the right preschool. Are you interested in finding a program that will challenge your child to learn with all five of his or her senses? Schedule a tour today to visit our Montessori school, and we’ll show you how we provide a rich, high-quality education for our students.