The Montessori planes of development cover four different age ranges: infancy to six years old, six years old to twelve years of age, twelve years of age to eighteen and the fourth plane from 18 – 24 years old.

During the first plane, infancy to six years of age, the fundamental importance is the formation of the individual. Montessori refers to infants from birth to three as the “Spiritual Embryo” as already at this young plane they are developing their potentials. As a newborn your child begins performing formative work; arm and leg movements, sensory movements, language and other motor skills.

By the time your child reaches age three, he or she will begin to develop a new consciousness. This is perfect time for the Montessori preschool setting as your child will now want to master his or her environment with their hands guided by their intelligence. From the age of three until your child reaches the age of six, they will want to work with their hands to explore their world. He or she needs an environment like the Montessori preschool to offer the freedom to perform constructive activity where all their energy can concentrate together.

The second plane of development extends from the age of six to twelve years of age. Montessori defines this as the “calm phase of uniform growth” when the mind begins to organize. Both the mental and physical horizons are opening up for your child during this plane. Montessori provides an expansive education for your child during this time. Your child will build organized social groups and show an eagerness for knowledge of the world around them. It is during this plane your child will begin to truly show their imagination, abstract thoughts and reasoning.

Montessori defines the third plane as the “plane of creation.” This is a critical age, 12-18, where your child will have doubts and hesitations and sometimes even violent emotions. This is your child’s social plane when they have yet reached full development.

The fourth plane, 18-24, is the time when your child develops independence for his or her own personal mission in life. They will now be an independent human who has attained their high level of conscience and responsibility.

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