One of the most common questions asked by parents who have enjoyed the structure of the Montessori school is, “How hard will it be for my child to transition to a public school?” Not all Montessori programs can offer full PreK-12 educations. Some kids do have to transition to traditional public schools during their educational career.

Not all children are alike; there will be varying responses to transitioning from Montessori. However, know that your child will do just fine. During your child’s education with Montessori school, they focused on his or her developing a high degree of self-motivation, skills for dealing with new situations, and coping skills. These are all skills that will serve them very well in the public school system. Your child was given a strong sense of respect and responsibility to see them through situations just like transitioning from Montessori. 

Research backs up this evidence as AMI tracked 400 students in Wisconsin. Half had been in the public school system their entire educational time and half went to Montessori and then transitioned. The two groups were matched in terms of gender, family financial status and ethnicity. The study compared test scores and GPA’s of the two groups.

Results of the test scores showed the students who had attended a Montessori school through most of their elementary education outperformed the other group who had attended public school their entire educational time. This study proves that early Montessori education will have a long-term impact on your child. If your child is facing a transition from Montessori, you can rest assured they will be just fine. 

Academics are not the only concern for children transitioning from Montessori schools. Socialization is as well. There will undoubtedly be sadness experienced by your child, as he or she has to leave their guides and schoolmates.  Your child will also have to leave an environment they are familiar with and go to a place they know little or nothing about. 

You can relax knowing that your child has been Montessori-educated which means he or she has learned core values of respect for themselves, respect for others and respect for their environment. Research has shown that Montessori students who have had to transition into different settings are able to deal with social dilemmas.

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