All parents want to find the right school that will help provide their children the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. As you search for a school to place your child in, consider enrolling them in a Montessori school.

A Montessori education will allow your child to learn from his environment as the school encourages him to discover and create new things on his own. The elementary school curriculum at a typical Montessori school is designed to allow children to experience more than just academic learning, but learning about self-esteem and awareness, creativity, community, and more.

Your child will be exposed to materials that will encourage him to strive for the experiences that will help in making him a productive member of his environment. An important element in learning is by reading. Reading at a Montessori school is done from books that concentrate on what is real and factual. Elementary school curriculum at a Montessori discourages reading materials that focus on fantasy and fictional stories. As children develop, their ability to distinguish between reality and make-believe is low. Therefore, it is important what they read is about what is real and natural to prevent confusion.

Reality based books can include:

  • Biographies
  • Nature
  • The World

Some examples are:

  1. The Story of Life: Evolution
  2. Outside Your Window-A First Book of Nature
  3. What the World Eats
  4. Flags of the World

In a Montessori environment, instructors let the children discover and learn at their own pace. Within this structure, the trust is that a child will naturally evolve to understanding what is real and fake, therefore, children will show signs of when they are ready to move up to the next level of reading.

In the San Francisco Bay area, you will find many Montessori based schools you can contact for more information. Schedule a tour with us today, and find out if the program at Mission Valley Montessori is right for you.