Getting your child ready for school is a large, time-consuming task. As the child enters the school system, kindergartener expectations and success are always high with parents. During this time, a teacher may ask for a conference about disruptive behavior or failure to achieve as cognitive and academic milestones. As a parent, you may not understand the cause of the behavior. In some circumstances, the underlying problem may be centered on your child’s sleep patterns. Inadequate sleep affects kindergarten expectations and academic success.

The Power of Restful Sleep

A restful sleep may be more than a child just sleeping throughout the night. Developing positive sleep patterns at a young age will help increase educational and healthy development in your child’s academic successes.

  1. Required Sleep

Truthfully, each child is different in the amount of sleep needed to achieve optimal cognitive skills.

  • In kindergarten expectations include up to 12 hours a sleep each night for the 5 and 6-year-olds age group.
  • Failure to achieve a current sleep pattern can disrupt cognitive development and may contribute to disruptive behavior in the classroom.
  • If a child has difficulty waking up in the morning, start the bedtime routine earlier.
  1. Consistency in Bed Time Routine

The best way to achieve a restful night’s sleep is by setting up a consistent bedtime routine to be used every night. Begin the routine by establishing a timeline centered on the kindergarten expectations regarding sleep.

  • Begin the routine in the same manner each night
  • Start with a quiet time activity, including reading a book together or conversation surrounding the day’s events.
  • Start the routine 20 minutes or less prior to bed time
  • Limit or eliminate television viewing, video games, and computer use before bed time
  • Do not stray away from the bedtime routine, consistency is needed.
  1. Educate Your Child

The explanation regarding the need for sleep does not need to be a long one. A simple explanation on how sleep affects the body can help your child understand the need for a bedtime routine.

  1. Update with the Teacher

Send a note, email or quick phone call to check your child’s progress after establishing a new bedtime routine.

  1. Daily Exercise

Achieving kindergarten expectation begins with a healthy night sleep. For more ways to help your child succeed academically, contact our Bay Area Montessori School.