Dr. Maria Montessori designed the Montessori method of education. It is an educational approach centered on the child. Her scientific observations led to the approach that children are naturally eager for knowledge and are capable of engaging in a learning environment that focuses on the development of the whole child- their social, emotional cognitive and physical needs.

Managing the classroom through mindfulness training has had valuable effects and is a helpful tool for children. The meditation practices such as; sitting still for long periods of time while focused are developmentally inappropriate in cases of young children. The Montessori approach is to incorporate practices that are more aligned with mindfulness. This approach is much better suited for the young. Managing the classroom through this approach includes:

* Attending to sensory experiences

* Engaging in practical work

* Using parallel mindfulness practices

* Privileged concentrated attention

Mindfulness in education is aimed at improving your child’s well being. It is the quality of focused attention on what is happening in his or hers present moment. Montessori education is aimed at your child’s development of their whole body with emphasis on deep concentration, practical work and specific exercises. Their “The Silence” and “Walking on the Line” activities are mindfulness practices.

Montessori education and meditation (mindfulness practice), concentrated attention is central. Your child is taught to meditate by focusing their thoughts on a single idea or experience. This will build their focused attention to not just be confined to meditation but they will be able to apply it to everyday life. It will be applied to eating, listening and to each of their acts and movements.

In managing the classroom, Dr. Montessori believed in valuing concentration. Her belief will lead to your child reaching a psychologically healthy state and allow him or her to become more constructive and kind in behavior. One example of mindfulness training is to pay attention to the full details in an activity such as eating a raisin. Your child will be told to appreciate its texture, shape and color. He or she will focus on its tastes and how it feels in the mouth. This type of meditation will lead to attention to all sensory experiences.

Help your child become more aware of their world. Contact a Montessori school in the Bay Area today to begin them on the path of mindfulness practices. Begin today to improve their psychological health.