The expectations of students are increasing each year and this affects all students, even those just in preschool. Children are learning language arts, math and science concepts much earlier and earlier. Trying to teach math to a preschooler can be difficult because all they want to do is play. Your best bet with a preschool child is to incorporate math into your daily life and help them to learn as you go.

Math in Everyday Life

Math is something we come into contact with every day, not just when we’re at school. A Montessori school will introduce your child to math through interactive learning. Your child will touch objects and play games that involve counting and allow him or her to establish her own interest in math. Math is taught through everyday principles such as counting seeds before planting them, or counting petals on a flower. It is believed to be vital to teach math that can relate back to everyday life. This has been defined as, “number sense” and effectively has children use numbers in and out of the classroom.

Applying Math Concepts to Everyday Life

Dr. Montessori, who developed the Montessori educational format, found a way to teach a child the decimal system through a graphical concept. With the simple use of beads containing a unit value, children can visually see what a large number represents and for example can easily show what it takes to show four thousand, six hundred and twenty-three.

There is also the use of geometric insets and three-dimensional models to show what geometric shapes are. Your child may know more shapes than you through this learning done in everyday applications. Montessori believes in the study of practical application of math in everyday life, and addresses it through clear and logical strategies.

Progressive Education in Everyday Math

Introduction to math concepts begins at age three with number and symbol recognition. Concepts continue to be shown and learned by your child through the primary level with easy, practical and hands-on concepts they can relate to everyday.

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