Thinking about the sun, moon and stars can stimulate the creativity of preschool age children. It stretches their young minds to think beyond their world of everyday experience by contemplating the larger universe that surrounds them. Here are some fun activities that you can try to get your preschool-aged children excited about the sun and the moon.

Craft Projects

Using raman noodles, crushed Styrofoam, salt and food coloring, students will construct mosaic pictures of the sun, the moon and stars. Students can also make a rotating picture to illustrate the difference between day and night. This exercise is accompanied by a poem about the relationship between the sun and the moon.

Live Demonstrations and Models

Using a glowstick, a flashlight, a black Frisbee disk and a ball, students will model the relationship between the sun and the moon. The flashlight represents the sun, the ball represents the earth and the disk represents the moon. Students can see the different phases of the moon by position the ball (the earth) between the flashlight (the sun) and the black disk (the moon).

Group Activities

Students can participate in a wide variety of group activities that illustrate the relationship between the sun and the moon. Students can stand in a circle facing a yellow sphere to illustrate that in the day, they are facing the sun. Then they can turn and face away from the sun to illustrate what is happening at night.

These kinds of activities are an important part of Montessori education. At a Montessori school, young minds develop through a program of self-directed activity coupled with hands-on-learning and collaborative play. Attending a Montessori preschool is a great way for your children to develop a life-long love of learning.

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