When it is raining, snowing, or just too cold, physical education classes in school are held indoor. Because the classes are held indoors, the activity options are limited. There are a few preschool program activities that teachers can do with their students, while staying warm and dry.

Balloon Juggling

This is a fun game to teach students hand eye coordination, while staying active. Each student would get a balloon, and the object is to hit the balloon and keep it in the air. To make the game more difficult, you can have the students do a set number of jumping jacks before they can hit the balloon again. You can also give each student two or three balloons. When a student drops the ball, he is out. The last student standing is the winner.


Using the gym class parachute is a great way to spend an indoor class. Have each child sit down and hold a section of the parachute. They can raise it in the air so it floats up, they can bring it down and sit inside, and you can add foam balls to the middle and have the students shake it up like popcorn. Students will get exercise by sitting and standing over and over again and using their arms.

Reaction Game

Have the students stand facing each other with a ball in the middle. Begin by shouting out commands to the students, such as jump on one foot, tap your head, and touch your toes. When the students are not expecting it, shout “ball.” The first student to grab the ball first is the winner. This game will keep them active and on their toes.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Relay

Divide the class up into two equal groups. Have the group decide as a whole if they are going to be the rock, paper, or scissors. The groups then meet at the line of scrimmage, and play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The team who wins must chase the other team to the opposite end of the gym. Any students that are caught while running would join the winning team.

A bit of bad weather isn’t a reason to cancel gym class. For more information on physical education in preschool, schedule a tour at Mission Valley Montessori today.