Games such as the popular circle games are very much enjoyed by the Montessori preschool students as they have fun while they are learning important skills and how to participate in activities. Circle time can be useful first thing in the morning with special songs and story or poem readings, or later as a transition between regular daily rotations as a time to reconnect and regroup. A good preschool will incorporate circle time as it gathers the children together and helps them to feel a sense of community, greet each other, and get further acquainted.

Movement songs

Make up songs that require accompanying gestures such as clapping hands, tapping the floor, fold hands in laps, wiggle fingers and then toes, tap the head, and on from there.

Non-competitive Game of Musical Chairs

Games in a Montessori preschool should be all inclusive and non-competitive.  In this instance, have the children form a circle with their chairs. The chosen game leader removes his or her chair and stands in the middle of the circle. When the music stops, everyone gets up and tries to find a new chair. This helps the children to learn sportsmanship and resolve any conflicts when two children reach the same chair at the same time.

Group Games

Air Bag is an example of a game to reinforce a topic that is being taught in the curriculum like discovering that air takes up space. Each child and the teacher is given a small paper bag and the teacher could say, “I’m going to put something in this bag” and then blow air into the bag. Ask the children to guess what’s in the bag. When they guess “air”, have the children fill their bags with air. For fun, let them pop the bag afterwards.

Time To Put Our Work Away

Sung to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”, you can have the children participate in the cleanup of the classroom by singing about tidying up the room, putting away the books and any items used, rolling up the mats, and whatever else is required in that particular room.

Come and See

You are welcome to visit the Montessori Children’s Center in Fremont and schedule a tour to see for yourself how the circle games and other school activities create a positive learning atmosphere.