Fall is a wonderful time of year for preschoolers to make seasonal crafts to share with family members. They will have fun creating adorable pumpkins, colorful leaves, edible items, and more.

Here are a few examples of easy-to-make projects that may be on their agenda:

Leaf Prints

After collecting nice-sized fallen leaves, they can paint the backside of a leaf with tempera paint. Pressing a piece of white construction paper on top of the leaf and then rubbing it will reveal a beautiful leaf when the paper is removed.

Paper Bag pumpkin

Take a lunch sized paper bag and stuff it with newspaper. Tie it at the top with a green pipe cleaner. Paint the bag orange for this simple pumpkin. Then use construction paper to cut out and glue on eyes, mouth, and nose to complete the Jack-O-lantern!

Apple Print Caterpillar

Cut an apple in half. Dip that half into yellow, red or green paint and stamp in various places on small paper plates. Connect the plates with yarn after using a hole puncher. If desired, multi-colored feet and googly eyes can be added along with a pom pom for a nose and pipe cleaners for each antenna.

Edible Witch’s Hat

Use a small dab of chocolate icing to “glue” a chocolate kiss to the top of a chocolate cookie. The kiss will look like a witch’s hat!

Edible Pumpkin

Cover the top of a caramel rice cake with orange icing that is made of white icing with orange food coloring added.  Pull apart green taffy to form a leaf and attach that.

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