Self-esteem is an area where many kids struggle and a lot of adults worry, but when it comes down to it, positive self-esteem is best achieved by keeping busy and maintaining positive thoughts. Here are a few activities for your elementary school child that will help to build self-esteem.

  • Journaling: Keeping a journal does several things for a child; from encouraging greater introspection to helping them work through both positive and negative experiences and emotions. All of this can help to boost self-esteem, but in order to be truly useful the child has to feel secure in their privacy. Don’t read your child’s entries unless they give you permission.
  • Draw a self-portrait: Don’t think of a self-portrait as a perfect picture, but as a representation of who a child is. You can also do other exploratory things with this, such as dividing the face in half and making one side how your child sees themselves, while the other side represents how they think others see them. Like journaling, this exercise can improve self-awareness, and therefore, self-esteem.
  • Make a self-collage: Like a self-portrait, creating a self-collage gives a child a chance to express who they are as a person. They can choose a variety of pictures that each represent some part of themselves, such as activities they love or beliefs they may hold. This gives a child a chance to see a visual representation of how diverse they are as a person, and if they’re doing this project with other kids, how unique everyone is.
  • Make a “me” commercial: A powerful way to help boost a child’s self-esteem is to have them make a commercial for themselves. They could be advertising themselves for anything from a job interview, to a sales pitch as to why they make a good friend. Advertising themselves forces kids to think of each their traits in a positive light, and see for themselves what makes them special.

There are all kinds of ways to make elementary school-aged kids feel good about themselves, but most of the ways involve taking action, such as these introspective activities that encourage kids to see how unique they are.

Being successful in school can help boost self-esteem, too. For more information about a program in which your kid can thrive, contact our Fremont elementary school to schedule a tour.