When it comes to education, the Montessori method has earned its place as one of the best strategies in child development in a school environment. This method was designed by and named after Maria Montessori (1870-1952). She was the first woman to attend medical school in Italy and the first female Doctor of Medicine. She used her work as a pediatrician to discover a method of learning that changed how the world looked at child development.

Many on a wider scale of popularity embraced her ideas and methods. Inventor Alexander Graham Bell founded the Montessori Education Association in 1913.  Well known scientist and inventor, Thomas Edison also played a role in founding a Montessori school.

As Dr. Montessori’s program became more popular, more children were being exposed to it, and developed life long skills. Some of those children would later become very successful in life. They accredited their successes to the fact that they had previously been Montessori students. Some include:

  • Anne Frank – renowned author.
  • Jackie Kennedy Onassis – editor and former First Lady of the United States.
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin – founders of Google.
  • Jeffrey Bezos – founder of Amazon.com
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez – author and Noble Laureate Prize winner.

Even Princes William and Harry, heirs to the royal England throne, were Montessori students.

In a Montessori school environment, the children are allowed to make mistakes without criticism or punishment. Given the opportunity, children will correct their own mistakes and at their own pace. Each success story that came and will come out of a Montessori school is and will become popular in its own way.

Although these examples went on to become publicly successful, there are thousands of others that have flourished also, just in a more private way. You may not hear about them in the news or see them highlighted on the Internet, but a Montessori education has made them successful in their own right.

The primary reason this method works is because Dr. Montessori wanted every child to be able to learn from one another and their surroundings. A child can absorb information from its environment like a sponge and then use that knowledge to empower others as well. Maria Montessori knew once children were given the opportunity to discover what they can accomplish on their own, they can create their own success.

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