Our children are growing up in an increasingly digitized and connected world. Not every website is created equal, however, and your preschooler will need support to begin their online quest for knowledge. Start with these sites to spark a lifetime love of learning.

PBS Kids PBS has provided high quality children’s educational programming for decades, and they continue to be at the forefront of sharing the world with children. PBS Kids offers games and online activities to teach literacy, shapes, colors, social skills and more.

Boowa & Kwala Is your little one a globe trotter? Boowa & Kwala offer games and songs inspired by cultures around the world. This site has coloring pages, including ones you can customize. Your preschooler will learn about cultural practices and develop music literacy. Boowa & Kwala also offers guides to offline activities and crafts. And for bilingual preschoolers, this site is available in English and French.

Nick Jr. Team Umizoomi or the Bubble Guppies may be helping your preschooler prepare for kindergarten during TV episodes, but for a more interactive experience, the characters your child loves are available online in games and coloring pages. Nick Jr. also has an app for tablets and smart phones.

Sprout Their mission is to present preschoolers with the structures and skills they will need for kindergarten and the world beyond. Their online games and videos help preschoolers learn new responsibilities and express their feelings.

Fisher-Price This site offers activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Your preschooler will begin developing literacy and number skills, start to identify shapes and colors, learn about healthy food and strengthen imaginative play skills.

Starfall The Starfall site has math and phonics games, songs, and activities that will see your child through preschool into second grade. These activities help your child establish crucial skills and provide support as they begin school. Starfall offers a premium version for additional content.

The first five years of your child’s life are a priceless opportunity for learning and shaping their relationship to the world. Educational websites for preschoolers can turn idle moments into learning opportunities. Start your child’s learning adventure with those who have made a vocation of inspiring young minds. To visit our preschool in Fremont, CA, contact us for a tour.