It’s an exciting time as you watch your preschooler learn to read. This is a huge milestone in his or her life and one in which you can be instrumental in helping your child achieve. Make note of the following tips to help your preschooler learn to read. 

Read to Your Child

Show excitement, such as talking in funny voices or making animal noises, when you read to your child. This is a great way to let him see that reading can be fun. After all, if your child enjoys storytime, learning to read won’t seem like a chore. When reading to your child, run your finger under each word as you read it so that he can put the print with the word. Take time to look at the pictures and discuss how they go with the story. Make time to answer questions about a book and even after your preschooler learns to read, continue reading to him. Children can still understand and appreciate books that may be too hard for them to read and can help your preschooler develop his vocabulary. 

Listen to Your Child Read Out Loud

Listening to your preschooler learn to read is a great way to foster confidence in her reading ability. If your child comes to a word and asks for help, tell her the word right away. Don’t force her to sound it out. If your child interchanges a word in the story, don’t correct her if the meaning remains the same. Pay attention to when your child is tiring of reading and don’t force her to continue. It’s very important to praise your child for reading and the progress she has made. 

Make Time Daily

Make an effort to read with your child on a daily basis. For instance, many children enjoy bedtime stories as part of their nightly routine and this also helps your preschooler learn to read.

Have Books Easily Accessible

Keep books in your child’s room and make the room conducive for reading. For instance, a comfortable chair, a bookshelf, and a lamp, encourage reading. 

Choose Books Your Child Likes

Reading is much more enjoyable if your child enjoys the content. Repetitive reading of a favorite book may result in your child learning the words and also help your preschooler learn to read. If this is the case, encourage your child to complete the sentences that she knows. 

Skip the Vocabulary Drills

You want learning to be fun and drilling your child on letters and words likely isn’t much fun. Rather, think about what interests your child and find a way to make a game out of learning, which is a much more enjoyable way to help your preschooler learn to read. 

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