With how prevalent technology has become, many parents are concerned about how much preschool technology plays a role in their kids’ classrooms, and for good reason. Parents are being advised to limit their kids’ screen time, but what about the technology kids are exposed to in a preschool classroom?

A controlled amount of preschool technology can be useful when employed in conjunction with the Montessori method. When used judiciously, technology can teach kids important skills that will transfer into their daily lives, now and as they grow.

Some of the skills that preschool technology can teach are as follows.

  • Computer skills: The Montessori method includes Practical Life education, which teaches kids skills they will use in their lives outside the classroom. Since computer skills such as typing, navigating the Internet, and using apps will be used throughout a kid’s life, these skills are important for kids to learn, making preschool technology a valuable inclusion when used in moderation inside the classroom.
  • Research: The Montessori method also encourages kids to seek answers and information on subjects that interest them. Computers and the Internet should therefore be viewed as resources for kids who are pursuing a topic of interest, just as much as books, adults, and other, more traditional resources.
  • Memorization: Some apps and other forms of preschool technology test the kids’ knowledge about a subject or help them to memorize facts or practice certain skills. A good example is a math game that challenges the child’s math skills, helping them to practice and memorize.  Such games can be addictive, though, and should be used with caution.

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