Starting kindergarten is an exciting time for your child.  But if your child has ADD you might have concerns about how they’ll adjust.  In the right classroom environment, your child can thrive.  If you feel your child needs additional help, don’t be afraid to discuss it with their teacher.  Here are some common classroom solutions to help your child with ADD.

Challenges your child may be facing

Since children with ADD don’t have the hyperactivity component of this disorder, sitting still isn’t a problem.  But it is difficult for them to focus on the lesson.  They may daydream or be easily distracted, making it harder to learn.

Your child may also have trouble with organization and keeping track of supplies or assignments.  This can result in messy or incomplete work with lots of mistakes.  Or the student might not turn in the assignments at all.

Classroom solutions for ADD

There are some informal accommodations teachers can make that can help your child with these issues.

A change in the seating arrangement can be helpful.  Move the child away from windows or doors and have them sit closer to the teacher.  Being closer to the teacher means there is less opportunity for other things to compete for your child’s attention.

Teachers can also use a non-verbal cue to help a child know they need to refocus.  Some examples are a gesture, a facial expression, proximity, or sign language.

Many teachers use some kind of organizational system for students at this age.  It may be appropriate to add a checklist or other visual to help remember details. Simplifying multi part assignments or directions and incorporating more breaks for the student can also be helpful.

If your child needs more formal accommodations, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) would be necessary.

Other considerations

Kids with ADD/ADHD tend to do better in certain types of classes, so keep that in mind when selecting a kindergarten program.  A curriculum focusing more on using visuals, manipulatives, and doing activities to encourage learning will be helpful for your child.  Classroom discipline should focus more on rewarding good behavior instead of punishment.

The right classroom and teacher can make a difference for your child with ADD.  A Montessori education has all the components necessary to help your child succeed.  Schedule a tour of the classes at our kindergarten in Fremont to see why we’re the right choice for your child’s education.