Your preschooler is at a wonderful age for learning and likely has a natural curiosity to explore, experiment, and learn. The Montessori child-centered approach to preschool encourages your child to use his or her natural curiosity toward learning to explore new things at his or her own pace but with guidance to help ensure educational progress continues. Instead of being led through preordained exercises that might or might not appeal to your child, Montessori preschool group and individual activities allow your child to choose learning activities and have fun while becoming more educated at the same time.

The Montessori Method

Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907 created the Montessori method in which childhood learning occurs in a prepared environment and while doing activities that allow your preschool child to choose developmentally appropriate learning activities that encourage cognitive development. Instead of leading your child through lessons, a specially trained instructor will guide him or her while continuing to progress within a defined curriculum. Children are naturally curious and love to explore and experience new things. Montessori encourages your preschool child’s enthusiasm to learn. The child-centered approach enables your preschool child to learn at his or her own pace with close guidance from Montessori teachers.

No Age-Specific Exercises

While many preschool programs emphasize the age of your child, the Montessori method does not. With guidance, your child will choose the types of learning materials he or she enjoys using to further his or her budding education.  Children are placed in classrooms with mixed age groups. The older children are in a position to help the younger ones learn and the younger ones teach the older ones to practice more patience. Together they engage in a shared experience

Personal, Social, and Mental Development

The child-centered approach in Montessori preschool encourages group participation and leadership by allowing older children to work with younger children in group activities that are designed to improve critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and other mental abilities. Your child also will participate in unique and fun activities that will emphasize creativity and mental development. Your preschool child also will have the same teacher during his or her years to help build a close relationship that enables the teacher to better assess and improve your child’s learning process and development so that your child can excel in grade school.