Residents of Fremont, California are fortunate to have many choices when it comes to placing their children in a preschool. You can find one in almost every part of the city, convenient to your location. Even if you’ve narrowed your choices to just Montessori schools, there is still a wide variety. Choosing the right one is a difficult choice and one that should be made carefully. To decide on which preschool best fits your child’s needs, you should visit each one that you are considering. Each preschool offers a unique experience for the children that attend.

The Mission Valley Montessori Children’s Learning Center in Fremont offers the traditional Montessori philosophy and teaching methods of Maria Montessori, MD. These teaching methods have been giving children a head start in life for over one hundred years. Montessori schools can be found all over the world.

However, not every school that claims to be Montessori actually practices the traditional Montessori methods. There seems to be more of a spectrum when it comes to just how Montessori and Montessori school is. When you are choosing the right school for your child, make sure that the teachers are specifically trained in the authentic Montessori method that has helped schools to be successful in teaching children.

Not only does the Montessori method provide a high standard of academic excellence, but also instills self-discipline, independence and a love for learning in those who attend. Children are able to learn at their own pace and this helps them flourish in both their academic and social worlds.

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