Are you concerned about your child’s education in the public school system? Have you wondered if the best choice for your child is a Montessori setting? Learn about the Montessori difference and how this type of environment could just be the right answer for your children.

Choosing the Montessori System

Becoming a Montessori preschool teacher generally requires more education and training than is required to teach in regular public schools. Most Montessori teaching candidates have a Bachelor’s degree since that is required by the state licensing boards and preferred by Montessori, However, the Montessori system does not require the college degree to be in the area of education because after a college education, they train their candidates in how to teach. Montessori schools are places where people are knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas instead of only in education. In Montessori classrooms you will find artists, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and of course, educators, all united in their desire to help children learn and grow to their full unique potential.

Certification Requirements

After college, qualified applicants generally work with an accredited Montessori training center for another year of graduate study and training in the Montessori teaching method. Applicants choose to focus on a particular age range and train to teach Montessori in groups of varying ages vs. the one-year divisions you find in a traditional school setting. After the graduate study year and training are completed, there is also a supervised practical teaching experience required to become a certified Montessori teacher. There is also testing to demonstrate the applicant’s proficiency in the Montessori style.

The Montessori Difference

The Montessori educational system takes children very seriously and provides much more personalized guidance than the public education system. Because the system uses guiding and directing rather than lecturing, it can be a better fit for children who tend to be hands-on learners.. It allows teachers freedom to teach in their own style while they help students learn in their own way too. Focusing on the learning needs of the individual child rather than grades or testing helps bring out the best in children.

Montessori is for You

Come tour our Newark Montessori school today and see how the Montessori system can work for your children and help you create a brighter and better future for them.