What happens in preschool establishes the educational foundation for your child. If you teach them that learning is fun from an early age, they’ll develop a natural curiosity that will remain with them into adulthood. The Montessori method capitalizes on the innate desires of children and creates a learning environment where children flourish.

Preschool children learn a number of important educational and life lessons in this specialized setting, including:

  • Curiosity–Children are allowed to explore concepts and ideas at their own pace. Through self-guided activities your children are able to follow threads of inquiry that arise as they learn, and the adults encourage their questions.
  • Confidence–A Montessori school instills confidence because students control the speed of their education. They have the time they need to understand new material fully, which eliminates feelings of failure or inadequacy.
  • Concentration–The learning materials are designed to keep children engaged and interested in learning. When they spend long periods of time on the materials, their attention span grows, as does their ability to concentrate.
  • Social Skills–Montessori schools encourage collaboration between students, and it’s not uncommon for two or three children to work together on a project. Upon completion of the program your children’s social and leadership skills will be highly advanced.
  • Positive Attitudes–The end result of all of the learning objectives is to foster a positive attitude towards learning and education. Your children will leave the school believing they can accomplish any task to which they set their minds, and with the ability to work through a complicated problem, find a solution and implement it.

Montessori schools offer a radically different take on preschool education than public institutions and other private schools. For over a century the Montessori method has been used to build the future leaders of America, and we would love the opportunity to bring out the best in your children at Montessori School of Pleasanton. Contact us today to discuss our methods or philosophies, and to schedule a campus tour of our programs that include toddler care, preschool and kindergarten in Pleasanton.