When it comes to education in the Bay Area, few experiences can ever top Montessori schools. During their time in a Milpitas Montessori school, your child will learn such valuable life pillars as respect, motivation, empowerment, cooperation, and confidence. Instead of dreading going to school, they will wake up each day and relish the experience to expand their mental and physical horizons through learning.

Participation in Montessori classes provides a unique experience for any child. The cornerstone of education in schools like these is the Montessori method, founded through Dr. Maria Montessori. The Method posits that a person shouldn’t wait until they begin studying at a college or university to become serious about learning. Instead, that mentality should be established as early in life as possible, from the moment that a baby is born until they graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

By giving children the opportunity to become excited about their educational future, they will embrace their schooling more. If you’re already passionate about the authentic Montessori method, then sending your child to a school that embraces this philosophy is the best way to get kids on their way to an enriching and rewarding future in academia.

It’s likely that you have already begun instructing your child at home from infancy through their first few years. Since Maria Montessori believed that the most crucial time to reach a child was up until they turned six years old, once you send your child to preschool or kindergarten, you want to continue the educational direction that you’ve established. A daily schedule for children includes time outside, snack time, music lessons, group work, time to work alone, a lunch break, story time, and free play.

Instead of a basic curriculum that includes science, math, social studies, reading, and spelling, children that attend Montessori schools in the Bay Area will learn about nature and the world around them in a much deeper and profound way. Topics are separated to prevent confusion, and children get to use their own ideas to edit their assignments. This builds confidence and teaches children to rely more on their own skills than a teacher’s help.

If you want to learn more or enroll your child in a Milpitas Montessori school, contact us at Day Star Montessori and schedule a campus tour today. A brighter future awaits your child.