While many have heard of the Montessori School, few know what it is really all about. The first female physician in Italy, Dr. Maria Montessori, founded the school in 1907. Her motivation for starting this unique approach to learning was based on her observation of the typical child’s learning processes. Dr. Montessori astutely observed that children often teach themselves and relish the process. She put together a “prepared environment” where children were allowed to select activities that were appropriate for their level of development.

Dr. Montessori didn’t develop her school as a result of superficial observations of children. She conducted professional research to gain a comprehensive understanding of exactly how children learn. While she practiced medicine in order to earn an income, she also worked as an educator, lecturer and writer. These experiences prepared Dr. Montessori to lay the foundation for her school’s idiosyncratic learning approach.

Dr. Montessori’s first school was established for underprivileged children who resided in Rome’s San Lorenzo district. Dr. Montessori observed and analyzed the children and their learning processes over the course of 6 months. She found that children really did display self-discipline, frequently chose learning materials over toys and learned quite well when in silent environments beside their friends. She modified the learning curriculum to suit the children’s learning style and the results were spectacular. The Montessori School soon attracted nationwide attention and it wasn’t long until the model was practiced across the globe.

Central to the Montessori approach is the notion that the child’s mind from birth to 6 years of age is substantially different than the mind of an adult. Maria Montessori referred to the mental abilities of a child as an “absorbent”. She recognized that children soak up everything around them through an osmosis-like process. Over a century later, contemporary scientists are now finding scientific data to support Dr. Montessori’s discoveries. There is no doubt that Dr. Montessori was far ahead of her time. The fact that her school format and learning curriculum are widely used today is a testament to their intrinsic value.

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